No one must drink alcohol or use drugs at this workplace, except:

  • for legitimate medical reasons: You must notify your supervisor if prescribed medication is likely to affect your behaviour and therefore work health and safety. Your supervisor may assign you other duties while you’re taking the medication
  • at workplace-based social events: This is dealt with in more detail under Social Events in this policy.


The manager/supervisor at this workplace must, if they have reasonable grounds for believing that you are incapable of safely performing your duties or may be a risk to others due to the effects of drugs or alcohol, arrange for you to be removed safely from the workplace.

Each person must ensure that they are not, by the consumption of drugs or alcohol, in such a condition as to endanger their own safety or that of others at this workplace.

This includes not coming to work if, after drinking or using drugs in your social time, your ability to work safely is still impaired. If you come to work, you must report to your supervisor, who may assign you other duties or arrange for you to be removed safely from the workplace. This policy shows:

  • our commitment to health and safety in this workplace, and reducing the risks to the health and safety of all workers, contractors and visitors
  • our commitment to complying with the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012, especially those for drugs and alcohol
  • how we will deal with drugs and alcohol use and/or their effects in the workplace.


This policy applies to everyone at Harvester Offshore Sdn Bhd