Who we are – what we do – how we do it


Harvester Offshore recognizes that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues are interconnected and not isolated concerns.

Our commitment extends to fostering sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant communities by embracing innovative business practices and demonstrating exemplary ESG performance. This pledge permeates every facet of our operations, influencing how we conceive and execute new projects, manage our company, engage with stakeholders, and communicate progress.

In addressing the pressing challenges posed by climate change, we are dedicated to reducing our energy and carbon footprints. Our sustainability program focuses on environmentally sustainable initiatives that yield immediate efficiency, value, and well-being benefits for our business, our workforce, and the broader community.

Adhering to stringent ethical standards is integral to our ethos. We uphold this commitment through a robust Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, continuous ethics training, and executive leadership that fosters a culture of integrity.